Wedding: Courtney + Chris | FEAST at Round Hill House, Washingtonville, New York

I hit it off immediately with Courtney and Chris - they are just plain great.  After photographing them at Mills Mansion just a few weeks before their wedding, I knew their wedding day would be just like them.  Sometimes you just get a feeling (well, at least I do!).  I'm not even sure what to say here except that the day was filled with laughs, wind, emotion, happiness, family, white pumpkins (!), and beauty.  Total perfection at Round Hill.  We are so happy to know these guys!  We hope you love this sneak peek guys and there is a little surprise at the end for you :).

(ps. This is my 500th blog post!!!  whoa.  I just realized that when I went to write this post and I think this deserves something special, so that will be up next!  Stay tuned.)

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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And, our little surprise to Courtney & Chris :)
UPLIFTweddings HD | Courtney+Chris | Parent Dances | 09.21.14 from Uplift Tim on Vimeo.

Engagement: Lindsay + Will | Central Park, New York City

So, I'm pretty much in love with Lindsay and Will.  Is that wrong :)?  They are an awesome, fun, smart pair and I had a blast walking around Central Park with them, even if I did get 1 (ok, almost 2) parking tickets.  I even got to photograph them on their adorable and decently-sized outdoor balcony (deck?  patio? outdoor space?).  So awesome.  Who needs an apartment when you have an oversized balcony in NYC? You could easily just grab a sleeping bag and move out there (note to their friends).  Anyway, we had a great time and I cannot wait for their big day next year!  Hope you love these guys!

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Wedding: Anna + Jimmy | Wadsworth Mansion at Long Hill Estate | Middletown, CT

I was so excited to shoot Anna & Jimmy's wedding at Wadsworth Mansion because 1) they are a great couple, and 2) randomly, I had never been there before!  Gorgeous mansion, long driveway, lots of cool woods, open patio...all my favorites.  But, it turned out that the weather didn't hear my fantasies of cool, wooded backlit photographs and gorgeous open vistas, and had a bit of a different plan for us and well, challenge accepted!  We had planned for a first look and just a few photos before the ceremony, instead we managed to fit a ton of photos in before the ceremony and missed the rain!  So awesome because the grounds are so gorgeous there, it would be a shame not to have any photos using them.  The mansion also has plenty of gorgeous scenery that is rain-appropriate (especially when I have Tim there to cover our gear while we shoot outside!), so we made use of that afterwards too!  Lots of fun and a great day that even included a secret (to the groom!) flash mob...enjoy a sneak peek guys!

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So, sometimes, guys getting ready looks like this... IMG_8805 A98A4800 A98A4938
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