Wedding: Lisa + Ben, Part I | New York City Hall

This story is a two-parter.  First, I met the funny, happy, easy-going Ben & Lisa at City Hall (or, down the street from the actual City Hall, at the Office of the City Clerk).  It was actually my first time there!  It was really cool to have a private ceremony - almost like a secret between just two people.  Following the wedding, we all had a great time walking around downtown, grabbing some photographs along the way as New York City was bursting into spring.   Here are a few of my favorites from this day, with many more to come from their reception at the Bronx Zoo later that week!  Thanks Ben & Lisa for being awesome, you guys made it easy!

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Wedding: Margo + Matt | Crystal Springs Resort, New Jersey

This is a big post.  If you are on a two second break from work, now is not the time to check out these images. Seriously, come back later with a cup of coffee.  Margo's smile is too good, their happiness too apparent, and the flowers too, too gorgeous to give these images no less than a solid few minutes of your time.  When a family creates so many moments, it is impossible to cull my favorites, so I figured Margo and Matt wouldn't mind if I posted a few extra.

Thanks for a perfect day guys - you rocked that schedule!  We were so honored to document it all for you, and I'm thrilled to show you some of my favorites today.  (and by the way, I'm going to miss you guys now that we finished all of your events...)

Venue:  Grand Cascades Lodge, Crystal Springs Resort
Photography/Videography: Uplift Photography
Floral Design (amazing!!!): Still Life Designs
Dress:  Lazaro purchased at Kleinfelds (shoes: Tory Burch / bag: Judith Leiber / veil: Lyn Kohls)
Grrom Attire: Vera Wang Collection @ Jos A Bank
Officiant: Rabbi Matthew Gewirtz
Bridesmaids: Bill Levkoff
Groomsmen:  Socks/Pocket squares purchased at the tie bar
Menus:  Printed and then hand-painted by Bride/Groom (!!)
Huppah/Yamaka: Needle point by Bride's Grandfather

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