The Party

Since I've been talking about it long enough, I am going to finally post the photos from Sophie's 1st birthday party. The party was great - I think everyone had a blast and we are so happy that we were able to throw this for her. She is really amazing and deserves 1000 parties (do I sound like a mom yet?). Happy Friday!







With the loose theme of the party being photos, we decided to go with a photo favor. During the year, I take tons of photos of family and friends at parties and events - with all my client work, I don't get to work on them as often as I'd like. So, Tim and I went through all of our photos from 2010 and found a photo of almost every guest (or their kids) at the party. There were more photos than guests, and a few extra of Sophie mixed in. We framed them all and let everyone take their favorite(s). It was a huge hit and people were picking and trading and choosing the entire time.



Birthday girl! IMG_1841

Here is the 365 book and our 'guestbook' for the party - I ordered a print from Etsy and everyone left soph a note. We plan on framing it and adding it to her art wall. IMG_1944


My nephew :)IMG_1644








Location: Bykenhulle House (beautiful venue for a party or wedding)

Caterer: Eddie Kowalski/Lola's Cafe (love Eddie, he catered our wedding as well)

Music: Outtake (they were awesome!) Cakes: Pastry Garden

Napkins: Target

Crafting supplies (scrapbook paper, cupcake wrapers, etc.): Michaels

Online resources

Balloons: Balloon express (remember if you buy round balloons, they use way, WAY more helium than regular ballons :), and they take up a lot of room in the car...see below)

Guestbook print: Etsy (thewheatfields)

Cutlery: Greenfeet

Kraft paper/cups: Amazon

Cupcake decorations: Etsy (fondant 1's: ClineffsConfections, tulle poms picks: shortcakepartypicks)

Straws: Shop SweetLuLu

Everything else is diy - we made the goodie bags, cupcakes & all other desserts besides cakes, set-up drink table and all decor. Let me know if I missed anything, I'm happy to help!



  1. Sophie is a lucky lucky girl!

  2. Totally Awesome! I agree, Sophie is a lucky girl! I think I mentioned this before, but Martha Stewart should give you a call to showcase your artistic abilities and creativity in a spread in one of her magazines! I loved all of this, and I WILL be stealing ideas from this party once I have my own child! It looks like you put as much thought into this party as I put into my upcoming wedding! Great job Jade and Tim!

  3. Jade! This is amazing. I'm SO sad I missed it!
    Keep your fingers crossed, should be hearing about ME this week or next...

  4. Jade--What a great looking party!! It looks beautiful!

    Whitney Parks