Wedding: Allison + Tim | The Clubhouse at Patriot Hills

I am so excited to post these photos – thank goodness for Tim! Our electric and internet were down yesterday, and I had these all ready to go. I know Allison is dying to see them and I was dying to post them, so Tim hooked me up with a temporary connection because he is awesome like that and likes his wife to be happy :). So, while I wait for the technician, I can post Allison & Tim’s awesome wedding to the blog!

Over the last year, I have gotten to know Allison a bit – we had a great engagement session and have talked a lot about the wedding (amongst other things), so I knew all the details she was working on and was so happy to see it all come together for them. We had gorgeous weather for the entire weekend and the day was wonderful - full of happy people, gorgeous flowering trees :), golf carts, dancing and even a dress mishap (Allison said that I could mention the story here, but I think, instead, I’m going to ask her if she’d write the story and outcome for the blog!).

Allison and Tim – we couldn’t be happier for you guys! We hope you had a blast in St. Lucia and have fun looking at your gorgeous selves in the photos below!







love this!

love the color of the dresses, and the bouquets, and the flowers on Allison's dress.

also love a happy bridal party :)


Great shot Tim!

Probably my two favorites - don't they look amazing!?








No, I didn't bring this with me from home :)










  1. Jade & Tim- These are absolutely GORGEOUS!! :) You guys were so much fun! -Rachel (the MOH!)

  2. LOVE the "LOVE" sign! Very cute!

  3. These photos are so amazing! Love the one coming out of the church with the confetti coming down! Lovely! Lovely! Lovely!

  4. wow, great pic's

  5. Hey Everyone,

    So I must let you all know why Jade and Tim are the ultimate, most amazing photographers ever. Not only are their photos breathtaking, gorgeous, timeless, modern, beautiful, and just outright amazing (see photos above!), but they are also the best couple ever and saved my life on my wedding day. By this I mean that they saved me from having a nervous breakdown and letting what I thought to be disaster, only slightly let me down, and only for about five minutes.

    Here is the story....

    So our ceremony was over and we headed up to Patriot Hills with our bridal party for photos with the group and then some of just Tim and I. After some fun photos with our bridal party (who were already tipsy!), Tim and I took off with Jade and her Tim on golf carts to take pictures of just us. We found this amazing beautiful Magnolia tree all the way down the hill near the entrance of the club where we took a lot of amazing pictures. It was awesome. Lots of people in golf carts from the country club had been driving around yelling out at us, congratulating us, etc...

    Well after we left the magnolia tree, we were driving and some people on a golf cart were hollering at us, and I lifted up my bouquet and yelled "whoooo!", and that is when it happened. My train slipped off of my lap, and we ran right over it! Our golf cart just stalled and stopped and we just knew it was my dress. I was freaking out! So then Jade and Tim took us over to this cool LOVE cutout they found earlier and we were supposed to take some photos. I get out of the golf cart and there are tire marks/streaks all up my train and a rip in my train about two feet long! I was heartbroken, fearful, and shocked all at the same time. All I was thinking was that everyone was going to see it, and that my daughter (that I don't even have yet) was going to wear my dress one day and now it is ruined!

    I cried "But my daughter was going to wear this dress!" And Jade in her awesomeness was like "No she is not, by the time you have a daughter and she is ready to get married, she is not going to want to wear your dress, she’s going to want her own dress!" Then she told me that things happen at a wedding that you can’t predict and it is what makes this day so special, because later we will look back on this moment and have a great laugh. It was hard for me to believe that as I had just ruined my dress. But she assured me that we would bustle it just right, and no one would even know, and that everything would be okay. She really helped me in that moment.

    I managed to calm myself, work up some smiles, and we got some amazing photos by the LOVE sign and later up on the top of the hill with the view of the Hudson behind us.

    When we went back to the reception my MOH bustled my dress and no one even knew there was anything wrong with it (except that I told all my friends!). In the end it didn't matter at all. I was completely over it by the end of the night. What mattered most was that I was married. Jade told me that and she was right.

    You know, as brides we work so hard on all the details and all the little things for our wedding because we want it to be perfect. We get that perfect dress, the hair, shoes, makeup, and it costs A LOT! But in the end what really matters is the commitment we make to the one we love the most in the world. I had the best time at my wedding, I danced the night away, I twirled around in my dress, I felt like a princess gazing into my husband’s eyes, and all the while there were big BLACK tire marks on my dress. It was just perfect, like I wanted. 

    So ladies, my advice to you…don't sweat the small stuff, enjoy your day, and hold on tight to your dress when you are on a golf cart!

    Thank you Jade and Tim! I love you guys, you truly are the best!

    Allison Muenkel :)

  6. Oh wow, I just love all of these pictures. The precious little girls dancing is just darling. The pictures show how much care was put into everything. Allison's dress is awesome and the bridesmaids colors are striking!!!!

  7. OMG!!!!!!!! Absolutely beautiful. The photographers were phenomenal but what really shows through is the love in both of your faces!!! Keep it with you through every day and you will have a long and happy life together! I do not know how you will pick your final pictures....

  8. Dad-II says:
    WOW....they are beautiful. Being a little predjudiced, I absolutely LOVE that YELLOW car shot!

  9. You both look amazing! The pictures certainly capture your spirit and love. It was so much fun working with you and thrilled that you loved your flowers.

  10. I tried to post earlier, but don't see my comments. I have looked at these photos a dozen times and each time I tear up. They touch me so much and captured the beauty of that day so well. I want to congratulate photographers Tim and Jade for their artistic eye and the professional manner they handled themselves at this wedding. Thank you thank you thank you! I could not be more proud of these as Allison's mom or ask for more beautiful pictures. From Deborah Miller