So, pinterest is my new obsession. New procrastination tool. New favorite website. New source of inspiration. I love it! Is anyone else having a mini-love affair with it? If you are someone that surfs the web a lot (like me) - I read a ton of blogs, look at photos, fashion, art, shop, read recipes, etc. - and collects sources/photos/inspiration/etc., pinterest is definitely for you. Essentially, you create categories and then you 'pin' what you find on the web to your categories (called boards) so you share it with your 'followers' and archive the ideas for later. The archiving in one place is the best part, since I currently have folders of pics from the web on my desktop. My 'things to make' folder and list is ridiculously long...anyway, pinterest lets me keep all the things I think I'm going to make, organized :).

The point of this extended description is to tell you guys to a) check out pinterest for yourself, or b) follow me on pinterest if you are on there and I'll follow you back, and c) if you don't want to be in pinterest, you can see some of my pins here on the blog! Yay! For the start of this, I'm going to post a random assortment of my favorites, but probably from now on, I'll focus my pins on a certain category (say, weddings, baby stuff, style, etc.). Also, to keep credit where credit is due, I will list the person that originally pinned the item as well as the original source, as available.

I'm also apologizing in advance for the stream of consciousness type discussion below. My mind seriously works like this with ideas, so you'll have to live with that!


I pin a ton of things for my house! Getting the style that we want is super hard and I love all the ideas and inspiration I've been finding. I'm loving all things gray right now and Tim, if you are reading this, I would love it if you could make that apple crate bookshelf thing for whatever the next holiday is :). Thanks. I think I prefer it horizontal though.

[sources: apple-crate bookshelf, pinned: Sherryl Galt, sourced:; nail head chair, pinned: Sarah Roberts, sourced:; gray room, pinned: joni tyrrell, sourced:; gray kitchen, pinned: papermoon, sourced:]


Ok, some DIY projects. Love the quilt. Let's keep in mind that I have a sewing machine, and it is still in the box....since my bridal shower. But, I have good intentions. I love LOVE the wood plank on the table - definitely doing that for Thanksgiving. Love the hairstyle too - would be awesome for a wedding. Also, love the homemade sleeping bag/pad (again, need the sewing machine). The fabric embriodery hoops behind the baby are genius - super cheap, easy and you can use up all that awesome fabric you've been hoarding (or drooling over online).

[sources: tree quilt, pinned: Kaye Prince, sourced: flickr; word canvas, pinned: Paige Rennekamp, sourced:; sleeping bag, pinned: Toni Child, sourced:; hair, pinned: Rachel Passmore, sourced:; baby room, pinned: Beth Saxton, sourced:; table, pinned: Maryellen Quarles, sourced:]


I already bought the supplies to make the necklace! Oh yeah. Will update if it comes out nice. Love the square rings (been really into gold and stones lately). Cake is amazing - I haven't come across many specialized bakers in the area that make cakes of this caliber. And the recipes are there because they look so good! Planning on making one of them this week (I've been making a concerted effort to cook more during the week - super secret: I used to a cooking blog too!)

[sources: zucchini salad, pinned: Ekuni Mai, sourced:; necklace, pinned: Nicole Kathryn, sourced:; cake, pinned: me, sourced:; ring, pinned: T Lynn Williams, sourced:; grilled corn salad, pinned: Mahtab Rezai, sourced:]


  1. That exact hairstyle photo was the inspiration for my wedding hairdo! :)

  2. Sounds like a cool website - will have to check it out. The apple-crate bookshelf looks awesome - Tim, we would like one too please :)

  3. I recently became obsessed with Pinterest myself! I just followed you and I'm looking forward to sharing inspiration!

  4. I LOVE pinterest! I'm completely addicted, I'm going to go follow you!