Monday Updates

Hello hello!  What's up today guys?

Did you guys check out the super moon over the weekend?  We spent most of the weekend looking for it is at Liz & Justin's wedding on Friday... IMG_8995_small

Doesn't the uplighting in the tent look awesome? The moon wasn't that super exciting, but pretty cool anyway.  I think last night it looked a lot brighter and bigger, but sadly, no photos because I couldn't will myself off the couch to take a good one :). Sorry about that.  I think Tim took a few, I'll have to get him to contribute to these posts!

Speaking of the wedding on friday, check us out in the photobooth!  It was still set-up after the wedding was over, so we jumped in!  Love it.  Awesome props courtesy of Liz (if you need to put a face to a name, you can see her on my FB page right now...)

So, our 5-year wedding anniversary is coming up...!  Crazy, huh?  This peony from our yard reminds me of our wedding - we got married at Locust Grove and they have an amazingly beautiful peony garden there.  I guess I should start thinking about a present for Tim...hmmm.  We always go with some riff on the traditional gifts, but 5 years is big.  I need to get on this! photo2

Did you guys celebrate cinco de mayo?  We almost did, but had chinese food instead :), but we stopped in and took photos in the cardboard cut-out, does that count?

Ok, later guys!  Have a great day!

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