Engagement: Jessica + Brian | Lake Minnewaska State Park, Ulster County, NY

So, remember those few days last week where it was so hot it felt like we were living at the Equator rather than in New England?  Yeah.  That was the day that Jessica, Brian and I met up for their engagement session!  And...wait for it...we hiked around Lake Minnewaska!  And...none of us brought any water!  Ha ha - aside from the obviously sweaty ending, we really had a great time.  These guys have an awesome energy and it was fun walking around and getting to know them better. It was such a beautiful spot for photos - after living in the Hudson Valley for most of my life, I had never been to the lake.  I'm happy that they suggested it as an engagement location - definitely bringing Sophie back there :).  Jess & Brian go there all the time for swimming, biking, hiking, etc., - I think its super cool to have photos in places where you hang out.  Just think, if you bring your family there in 10, 20, 30 years and then look back at the photos - how amazing is that? 

Jess & Brian - thanks for braving the heat with me!  So excited about these photos and can't wait for the wedding very soon :).  Hope you love them!
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