I'm back! Monday Updates!

Ok, so I know its late - almost 11pm on Monday (correction: it is actually 12:28 as I'm hitting 'publish').  And, I know I've missed a few Monday updates.  And,.. I'm sorry!!  I love doing Monday updates and I've missed writing them the last few weeks. The truth is that I have been insanely busy with work and I had to put shooting, editing and my Sophster ahead of Monday updates, just for a bit.  But!  I'm back now!  Yes.  Today's post will be light (but with a big announcement at the end!), but I'll be back to normal next Monday.  Promise. 

So, what have we been up to?  Let's see.

We did some berry picking.  Love doing that in summer.  More to come too (its time for blueberries right now!).


We went to Boston for an awesome wedding!!  Ashleigh & Lee's blog post coming soon and it is definitely awesome. We brought our moms with us to watch Sophie and spent an extra day up there.  Here are a few funny photos of Tim and I before and after the wedding....I have to preface this by saying that this photo really looks nothing like Tim.  He is going to kill me for posting it, but I just have to.  The shadows make his face look insane...and the after photo is just funny - dark hotel elevator iphone pic!!



The first of those is our reflection in the John Hancock Building.  Here is a fun pic of Ashleigh and Lee that we took at that building.  I like their photo a bit better :).  Actually, its one of my favorites from the day.  Love love it.


I've been doing a ton of shooting - weddings, engagements, secret sessions, oh my!  Lots of blog posts to come with lots of fun couples.  Did you see today's wedding?  So gorgeous.  The Garrison is one of my favorite venues for sure.

We took a weekend trip to Cape Cod - just for fun!  We had a great time - awesome weather and lots of relaxation.  I love these pics of Sophie at the beach.  She is so sweet and loves the water.  Tim took the sunset pic - I guess he is pretty good :).


And finally...the big announcement! 

How fun is that!? Tim will be blogging every tuesday on all things tech. Whatever he dreams up --- tips, tricks, gadgets, fun photos, whatever. Starting tomorrow! Nite everyone!


  1. GREAT pictures, as always. Soph walking on the beach in the sunset and Tim in the elevator with a pint (of Guinness?) are my favorites!

    Looking forward to seeing the inaugural edition of Tim's 'Tech Tuesday' later today! :)

    oh, and we miss you guys - come to Colorado!

    1. Simon - good eye! That is a Guinness and I got it from the irish bar in our hotel - how awesome is that!

    2. Oh and I think we def need to come out there for a visit!

  2. Love the pictures outside the Library!