Monday Updates!

Hey people!  How were all of your weekends?  Weather held out for the most part (until last night anyway), so we were happy.  Today is kind of a random day around here - we worked a lot this weekend, so I decided to make a list of links for you guys today, AND, entice you with a few recent wedding photos :).  Such gorgeous things coming up on the blog (and facebook!)!  

Love this photo from Jessica and Brian's wedding (@ Patriot Hills Golf Club)...

And these from Sarajean and Ken's wedding (@ New Leaf Cafe) - love the colors!!

I figured I'd make you laugh today too - here are two photos of me that Tim took the other night at a wedding.  The dance floor was packed and I was cruising around the inside grabbing fun dance shots.  Tim was using his fisheye lens from the side to grab a few overall shots so I waved to him, thinking it would be a funny photos for Monday updates.  Yeah..the 2nd photo is the result.  I look nuts!!!  Not exactly what I pictured in my mind :) IMG_6425 (Did you just die a little because I used comic sans??! Probably not funny for everyone, but definitely funny for me on a Monday).


Oh yeah!  I have been meaning to give you guys the scoop on a good food spot for awhile now and I actually remembered to instagram a few pics last week.  The carts!!!  The carts are in a parking lot on the Yale Campus (Tim, can you chime in here with the exact location please?) - there are about 10 or so carts/food trucks on any given weekday and the food is so good.  So, so good.  Try the Indian, or the Japanese, and the Kati will thank me later.  Just do it.  During the week.  Take the day off if you need to (best time is before about 2pm).  Have a kati roll (veggie is my fav).  Enjoy it and be thankful that you read Monday Updates.  Enough said. 

A few other things...
  • Got any good shoe recommendations?? I just bought these today - I know, I know.  They are crocs, but they are kind of cute.  Sort of?  My sister-in-law has them in blue and they look much cuter than the photo.  The thing is, I need very comfortable shoes that I can walk, run, squat, drive, jump, etc., for about 14 hours straight. is the kicker, they need to be at least somewhat stylish.  I have tried so many, and they all fail or are horrendous looking.  Please help.
  • I'm aiming to start re-organizing my closets.  This idea looks kind of awesome?
  • Love IKEA, but that store makes me crazy sometimes.  Why do they never have all the pieces to one 'item' in stock at the same time!!  Do they know how hard it is to push a toddler in a regular cart while pulling a furniture cart with heavy flat boxes on it only to find that all the heavy, flat boxes I need to make one thing are not available??  rant over.
  • Tim made this video for a weekend trip that we took with our good friends.  I love it - I've watching the beginning a ton of times already with tears in my eyes.  They are just so cute!  Love the start and finish too Tim!  (ps, did you guys dig the Tech Tuesday post?  I did!  He is back tomorrow :)
  • Fun kids craft for the summer? 
  • These are pretty nice - although I'm a bit wary by the breakage warning at the top.  I wonder how fragile they are?  Sophie plays with my iphone all the time...
Alright, let's get through this Monday!  See you back here tomorrow :)

(just a quick note - I've been shooting almost daily and therefore, I'm a tad behind in the email department, please be patient with me :), all of my emails require well-thought out responses and I'm taking care of them pretty much in the order received, unless something is an emergency! thank you for your understanding!!)


  1. I love the above necklace and would love to know how to get my hands on that for my own wedding!!!!

    1. It was mine! I got it on It's Kate Spade. It was still there a couple of weeks ago and marked down, so hurry!

  2. You know I love me some shoes! I have learned not to knock the crocs and have some winter boots. I am loving these croc sandals too:,default,pd.html?cid=653&cgid=women-footwear-sandals. For work, I often wear suede ballet flats from Lands End Canvas - not for sale now:(. But, by far my most comfortable, do anything in, all day shoes are my Danskos. But they can looks good with your wide leg pants.

  3. Love the golf shot! Can't wait to see the rest of the images from the wedding at The Clubhouse at Patriot Hills.

  4. I got some Kati Rolls today...yum. The exact location of the carts is the parking lot next to Ingalls Rink (aka The Whale) and the address is 73 Sachem Street, New Haven, CT 06511.