Monday Updates!

Hey, look! It's Monday again.  Are you ready to ruuuummmble???  I had to say that in the hopes that maybe it would qualify me to run for office in CT (sorry, I had to [and obviously, I'm exaggerating] - her signs are everywhere around here, and it just makes me laugh because I'm an 80's kid and definitely remember Jake the Snake).  Not getting political on this blog, especially on a Monday! (ps. even though I started it, please no political comments, we love everyone here!). 

I'm in a bit of a tired haze today, so I apologize for posting this so late.  This past weekend was chock full of really fun clients and even better events, but I am just a little tired today (I did drag myself to the gym this morning, which is either adding to the tiredness, or giving me energy to write this post?).  Hope you guys had a great weekend - the weather was just amazing.  Fall is the best.

On Friday, I had the pleasure of photographing Liz and Jason's wedding - so much fun, especially because I knew almost half the wedding guests!  We photographed Liz's twin sister Gina's wedding two years ago. I love when that happens!  Love this pic of the three of us.

And here is one of my favorite pics from the day - we were lucky enough to shoot in the Capitol Building.  So beautiful. 

On our way home, we were a little hungry so, we stopped for ice cream :).  And I took this awful photo that I'm sharing today.  Wow.  It is that bad.

And then, we got to hang out with Nicole and Drake!  Love them and the Hudson Valley - one of my favorites.  That is a serious view!

And, to wrap up an awesome weekend - I spent some time with Kelly and Tom yesterday.  Who doesn't love a tree swing?

Because all work and no play isn't that fun - look, I actually did something that I pinned on Pinterest!  (I've been pretty bad at that since my busy season really kicked in, hoping to start up again soon..).  But this was super easy, really practical and cute too.  Love it.

See you later!

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