Wedding: Amanda + Justin | Highlands Country Club, Garrison, NY

The Highlands. Just  It is like a little secret hideaway- hidden on a golf course!  It feels as if you rented a private home, it is just tucked in so perfectly. We just love weddings at the Highlands and we loved it even more with Amanda and Justin.  They picked a venue that suited them perfectly - from the atrium to the covered brick porch, to the lanterns and homemade jam and heartfelt speeches - everything was full of happiness and it showed. Big time. I hope you guys love these photos (it was so hard to choose!) and thank you so much for welcoming us into your day!

Amanda - you look so gorgeous in this photo! IMG_0293 IMG_0119 IMG_0147 IMG_6193 IMG_0239 IMG_0427 IMG_0484
IMG_0509 IMG_0629 IMG_0761 IMG_0916 IMG_0911 IMG_0929 IMG_1045
Let's continue our run of super adorable kids! First, a great smile! IMG_1099
And then...a dino face!!!! IMG_1105 IMG_2401 IMG_1626 IMG_1676 IMG_7177 IMG_1789 IMG_7262 IMG_2041 IMG_2264
IMG_2316 IMG_2235 IMG_2117a IMG_2516 IMG_3283 IMG_2570_small IMG_3428 IMG_3740_small

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