Wedding: Kristin + Rich | Old Tappan Manor, New Jersey

I know I always say I have the best clients, but sometimes I feel like I have to prove it.  So, the weather - it was less than ideal in May.  I don't mind the rain, but sometimes, my brides are less than excited about it :).  But, not this year - my clients have been just happy go lucky about the weather - letting us take care of the details and going about their wedding day with a 'who cares' attitude about the weather. I LOVE THAT!  We are fully prepared to deal with and embrace the rain, or snow, or whatever, and clients that let us lead the way are just the best. 

Kristin and Rich were awesome.  We got great photos, with great locations, and the sun even stuck its head out for a few minutes for us.  You can see how much they let the rain bother them in these photos :).  A wedding day is about love and family, not the weather!!!  You guys rock - we hope you had a blast on your trip (and I'm jealous!!) and have fun looking through some highlights of your day!

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