Portrait: Miles

Oh, how I love these photos.  Miles is the sweetest little boy and he was so good for his session!  I don't think he even made a peep at all until towards the end (and even then, it was a tiny peep).  I had a great time getting to know him and hanging with his awesome parents - and, since its Friday and I know they are excited for these photos, I'm not going to ramble on any longer.  Happy weekend everyone! 

(On a quick side note, I love when parents purchase a few special things before a baby photo session!  I think it really customizes the session towards you and your family, rather than just me bringing a bunch of 'props'.  I'd much rather use things that are meaningful to you and your family and your house - makes memories!  And with that, how cute is the hat that Mallory bought for Miles??)

Aquilino0028 Aquilino0006

One of my favorites. Just love it.
Aquilino0078 Aquilino0060 Aquilino0088 Aquilino0051 A98A5981 Aquilino0050a Aquilino0032 Aquilino0027 Aquilino0097

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