Wedding: Kelly + Tom | FEAST @ Round Hill, Washingtonville, NY

I knew Kelly & Tom's wedding would be fun - Kelly is super detailed-oriented and a planner at heart, so I knew that every detail would be accounted for!  And, it was, was perfect :).  Kelly and Tom are a great couple - so comfortable with each other and so happy to be together.  It was our pleasure to be a part of their day - Round Hill is such a great venue too, we always love shooting there.

Enjoy these photos guys!!

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Love these first look shots! Such a great moment. A98A2666 A98A2679 A98A2685 A98A2788 A98A3191 A98A3248 A98A3156 A98A3188 A98A2866 A98A2847 A98A4214 A98A3932 A98A2911
IMG_8607a IMG_8715 A98A4672 A98A4795 A98A4704 A98A4508 A98A5601

Love this one with the parents! A98A6272 A98A6253


  1. Amazing pictures! She had a lot to work with though. You guys are gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing with us!! XO
    Aunt Kaka

  2. You guys always do such an amazing job, love your work!!!
    Sara of Lavender & Leaf Designs