Wedding: Jamie + Dan | FEAST at Round Hill, Washingtonville, NY

Jamie and Dan were excited for their wedding, and so were we.  Jamie and Dan were really excited for their photos, and we were really excited to take them.  Jamie and Dan are totally in love with each other and we are in love with their day!  Perfect match :).  Needless to say, we had an awesome day with these guys at Round Hill and have a lot of photos to show for it!  Enjoy guys!  Hope the honeymoon rocked!

IMG_2874 IMG_2587 A98A9955 A98A0304 A98A0177 IMG_2906

Love these shoes! A98A9980 A98A0100 A98A0347

Jamie, seriously gorgeous.A98A0552 A98A0535 A98A0577
A98A0715 A98A0890

Love this! Mismatched (but coordinated!) dresses are so awesome. A98A1479 A98A0992 A98A1208 A98A1884 A98A1680 IMG_3512 A98A1168 A98A2302 A98A2326 IMG_4510 A98A2984 IMG_4870
A98A4620 A98A3375 A98A3706 A98A3756 IMG_5199

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