Wedding: Deirdre + Nick | Bronx Zoo, New York

As I've said before, there is not anything much more fun for me than shooting a wedding at a zoo.  Seriously, don't twist my arm to go there, really, you'll have to just drag me kicking and screaming.  And, the Bronx Zoo is not just a 'regular' zoo either, its really like a historic site, gorgeous garden and zoo all mixed into one.  So cool (the staff is great too!).  Deirdre and Nick were an awesome couple to shoot there, they were laid-back and just excited to get the party started (which it definitely did with Turntable Events!)!  We hope you had a great extended honeymoon guys (we are jealous!) and enjoy the preview...

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Love this. A98A0597 IMG_8035

Nice angle Tim! IMG_8279 A98A0914
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  1. Thanks Jade, everything looks awesome! From, Nick