Wedding: Kim + Anthony | Oceanbleu, Westhampton Beach, New York

Prepare yourself.  The photos below might, just might.. cause wedding envy.  I have been waiting for this wedding all year because I just had a feeling that it would be right up my alley.  And, now it has taken me a few extra days to put this post together because I am beyond in love with these photos and the whole trip. I just could not pick what photos to post - destination weddings are so awesome and fun!  Everything was perfection.  Kim and Anthony are so great and the wedding was completely infused by their personal style and the location.  Beachfront access, perfect weather, great crowd of guests, anchors everywhere, bonfire!, pink reception dress, sunset at the docks - all that I could ask for!

Kim and Anthony - it was our pleasure to photograph your day.  We hope it was as amazing for you as it was for us and please enjoy the (many) photos below! There are so many more to come!!

(I also want to give a quick shout-out to the amazing venue, Oceanbleu, and the AMAZING band (as usual), Hank Lane Orchestra) A98A7469 IMG_7593
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