Engagement: Michele + Brian | Morristown, New Jersey

I love anything that makes photos more 'you,' so when one of my clients suggests an idea, I'm pretty much always all for it.  Like specific places, or fun activities, or cute puppies!  Michele and Brian wanted to include their new little puppy in their engagement session and he was just perfect.  Although it probably took us about double as long to shoot the photos because of how many people stopped to talk with us!  Ha.  I had a great time with these guys in Morristown, and I'm excited to show their preview (and I know Michele is dying, so talking is over, onto the photos!).  Have a great day everyone! Tanzi0036
Tanzi0024 Tanzi0083 Tanzi0073 Tanzi0031 A98A3660 Tanzi0010 Tanzi0033 Tanzi0057 Tanzi0136

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