Wedding: Kate + Erik | The Grandview, Poughkeepsie, New York

So, what do you get when the bride is a meteorologist and the groom is a sportscaster?  If you guessed a little rain and a lot of TV people as guests, you are right!!  So much fun and so appropriate.  Poor Kate - she couldn't help but keep checking the weather all day :), but there was no one better suited to help her with the forecast for the day!  We started out dry during the first look, hit a little snag down at the docks with a downpour, then it let up for some family pics and then started up again for the ceremony.  But, Kate, along with her weather friends, watched the radar and made a plan - start the ceremony a bit later and move the cocktail hour back a bit, the good people at the Grandview were in, and it worked!  No rain during the outdoor ceremony!  Woo hoo!  These guys were awesome and we were happy to get soaked in the rain for them.  Enjoy all of your photos guys!!

IMG_3016 A98A3130 A98A3160 IMG_2806

Love this shot of their first look. A98A3416
A98A3399 A98A3533 A98A3587 A98A3642 A98A3813 A98A4215 A98A4269 A98A3670 A98A4398

Kate trying to decide on the ceremony timing... A98A4468

The staff at the Grandview wiping off the seats before the (dry) ceremony! A98A4550 A98A4679 A98A4731 A98A4967

Check this out - they took a selfie before walking down the aisle! I took the liberty of snatching said selfie from their facebook page :) A98A5006a

I don't post family shots too often, but I love these two. A98A5162 A98A4374 A98A5262 A98A5499 A98A5584 A98A5560

Love these - garter on a football! A98A6511 A98A6520
A98A3725 A98A6594
\\ A98A6238

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