Wedding: Samantha + Tom | Marist College & The Grandview, Poughkeepsie, NY

Oh man, Sam and Tom.  Tom and Sam.  I don't know if I can handle a wedding world without Sam and Tom!!  We love these guys and to be honest, I'm a tiny bit sad that their wedding is over.  That is how good it was (and definitely see the 2nd to last photo in this post for evidence).  Let me give you a little background.  First of all, Sam and Tom are a great couple - loved by everyone, happy, funny, perfect.  And they were a perfect fit for us - so excited to get married, pumped for their wedding, and Sam was so into the details and the photography.  Sam and I have been emailing for what seems like years about all the details of the day.  Flowers, sparklers, boats, signs, we are talking serious details.

And then....Sam breaks her ankle about 1 month before the wedding. It could have been devastating, but Sam, man, she handled it like a champ. That girl rallied.  They said she wouldn't be able to walk at the wedding - she did.  Doctors said she would not be able to dance at all - she laughed at them.  The girl wore a boot and brought a back-up beautiful shoe for photos and that is my kind of bride!   Everything was perfect and the day was full to the brim with love, excitement, wheelchairs, and laughs and we loved every minute of it.

Sam & Tom - you guys rock and I'm beyond excited to post some of my favorite images today for you.  This is probably my largest post to date because there were just too many gorgeous (and funny) ones, I just couldn't not post them.  Much love to you guys!!!

Also, a quick shout out to some great vendors - The Grandview, Turntable Events, and Lavender and Leaf floral designs who helped make the day great!

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A98A2987 A98A3086 A98A3419 A98A3373 A98A4617 A98A4655 A98A3470 IMG_9940 A98A3794 A98A3841 A98A3875 A98A3971 A98A4003

Love this shot Tim! IMG_0323 A98A4271 A98A4285 A98A4300 A98A4720 A98A4843
A98A4867 A98A5276 A98A5252 A98A5463 A98A5661 IMG_1192 A98A6364 A98A6476 A98A7736 A98A8087

Sam dancing on her chair! A98A7919 A98A8219 A98A6996


  1. These are great Jade & Tim-can't wait to see them all!! You do such a great job!!

  2. So Beautiful !!! All The Best !!!