Wedding: Colleen + Mike | Mystic & The Branford House, Connecticut

Yes, we are on fire this week!  So many amazing weddings to post and I'm so happy to get Colleen and Mike a sneak peek for the weekend.  Their wedding day was the first day that we met in person, but, I had a feeling that we might hit it off.  Colleen was a super laid-back bride with really fun ideas - like walking around downtown Mystic for photos - and I liked her right away.  I knew it was going to be a great day, and, really, it couldn't have been better.  The drawbridge went up while we were shooting, and these guys rocked the crowd that formed to watch them!  So much fun.  And, The Branford House, come on, impossible to take a bad picture on those grounds.  Colleen & Mike - can we do it all again next fall for your anniversary?

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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Colleen and her sister wore the same dress for their weddings, love this photo of them together. A98A9300
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LOVE. A98A9892 A98A9912 A98A9899 IMG_0053
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Love the bridesmaid look. A98A1094 A98A1323 A98A1429 A98A1546 A98A1563 A98A1626 IMG_1722 IMG_1716 A98A2486 IMG_1801
A98A2620 A98A0726 IMG_1962 IMG_2223

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