Wedding: Liz + Chris | The Clubhouse at Patriot Hills, Stony Point, New York

What a gorgeous day for a wedding!  It was perfect.  We shot the ceremony and then the group of us headed down to the Hudson River for some photographs - I love juxtaposing the dressed up bride and groom with different, more rugged backgrounds.  The rocks and mountains and water just look beautiful in these shots (as do Liz and Chris!).  After our session, we got the party started at Patriot Hills with one of our favorites, Turntable Events - and that was it!  People were dancing, eating, laughing, drinking, hugging, you know, doing all the good things that should happen at a wedding.

Thanks for a great day guys!  It was our pleasure to be a part of it.

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4I2A1073 4I2A1197 4I2A1412 4I2A1381 4I2A1606 4I2A1600 4I2A1616 4I2A1868 4I2A1724 4I2A1897 4I2A2066 4I2A2287 4I2A2290 4I2A2683 4I2A2918 4I2A3101 4I2A2985 4I2A3004 4I2A2949 4I2A3125 4I2A3247 4I2A3443 4I2A3404 4I2A3605 4I2A3574 4I2A3704 4I2A3748 4I2A3777 4I2A3969 4I2A4008 4I2A4034

Catching the last bit of sunset... 4I2A4598 4I2A5179

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