Cape Cod!

Tim (my husband) and I went to school in Cape Cod back in 1999 and so went back there last weekend for a visit and had a great time - we even got to check out the Falmouth Road Race for the first time!

I should have noticed the sign below about 7 years ago when I left my car on the street until 3am and it got towed. I could have sworn there was no sign....
Here are two photographs that I took during the race - 10,000 runners descended on Woods Hole (a tiny town). It was a beautiful day for the race and it was amazing to watch them all take off - Tim and I got so inspired that we want to race next year (although I'm not really a fan of running). The wheelchair racers were first - their upper body strength was unbelieveable!
In the photo below, you can see Meb Keflezighi (2004 Olympics Silver Medalist) on the bottom left, and the eventual winner, Micah Kogo, center (yellow shorts). Both men were running for their first Falmouth race. Check out the official race results here.

Who doesn't love the Cape?!

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