Local travel

Tim and I celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary last week - we really wanted to take a small weekend trip, but with our crazy schedule and the insanity of gas prices, we decided to go local. One of the reasons that I really like where we live is the proximity to so many weekend destinations - seriously, if you are willing to drive 1-4 hours, you can be snowboarding in Vermont, wine tasting in Upstate NY, check out the beaches in Cape Cod, or hang out in Boston or NYC. Endless possibilities. We decided to go really local and check out Litchfield County, CT - there are a lot of small towns, antiques, state parks with hiking, swimming, bbqing, etc, farmer's markets, shops, etc.

Needless to say :), we had an awesome time - and the drive was only....45 minutes! We love to do road trips, but this was ridiculous, we were there before we even got started! Crazy. Anyway, here are some fun shots from the weekend.

Here is the view as you come up the driveway of our B&B.


Loved the light in our room.


I swear, I'm like a farmers market bounty hunter - if there is a market, I will find it...



My 2nd shooter is getting really good, I had better watch out :). I love this picture he took of me.



There was an awesome Belgian bakery and chocolate shop in town...I got this apple tart and forgot to take a picture until after I had a few bites. Oops.




Here is a sneak peek - Uplift will be launching something new in the near future! Tim will be running this new part of Uplift - hopefully, he'll let me tag-along.


Here we are! It only took us 20 tries to get a good auto-timed shot.


We're off this weekend to shoot a wedding in Portland! Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Wow! Looks like SUCH a fun time! I LOVE the way you tell the story with your pics. LOVE IT! :)

  2. That chocolate bakery you mentioned? - a favorite of my family!