Wedding: Sarah & Cody

A few weeks ago Tim and I headed out to Michigan for the wedding of our friends Sarah & Cody. We had a blast! All of our friends converged on the little town of Romeo and it was just a ridiculously fun time. It literally took us about 2 weeks to recover! Sarah & Cody - you guys are awesome and we hope you had a great time in Baja!

Since I was in the wedding and it was amazing to actually be a wedding guest :), I didn't take a ton of photos. But I did take a few and Tim shot a few as well -- check out a few of my favorites.

The wedding had a ton of super cool details and a beautiful fall color palette - check out Sarah's shoes!


husband + wife




Here are a few of our photos from the photobooth! Those things are completely addictive and so fun. We were in it all night!!!

(1) sarah + cody, (2) group shot, (3) tim + jade, (4) record for the most people in the booth!, (5) tim

Quick shot of us!



Since the wedding was on a Friday, Sarah's family threw another party on Saturday night (see why we needed 2 weeks to recover??). Tim & Cody are definitely the perfect party guests :).


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  1. I have been waiting to see these! Sarah looks so beautiful! It looks like you guys had such a blast.