Difficult topic for me because I have so many favorite images - if you have a shoot with me, you'll always hear me saying to myself, "this is my new favorite" or "i love this!" I get really excited when I take an image that I know instantly will be my favorite (usually, favorites) of the session. A lot of thought goes into each one of my sessions before we meet up - what the location will be like, how will I make this set of images unique, what the couple is like and how I can portray all that in a way that makes for a beautiful shot. So, when everything comes together to make a perfect image in camera, I get really excited.

Do you want to know what is not that exciting? When my favorite new image happens to be one that Tim shot!!! ugh. Well, of course I'm kidding (a little at least) - Tim shoots tons of great images, but this one is just gorgeous. It is one of my new favorites and while I was looking at it, I thought I would give it a little blog love. Happy Wednesday!


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  1. I think you are adorable and I love finding tidbits like this on your blog...one of the many reasons you are adored. Looks as though Tim is rivaling for favorite photographer though :) Hope you guys are well!