Holiday Deadlines!

Hey everyone! I know that the holidays and holiday gifts are not exactly at the forefront of your mind on Halloween, but I just wanted to give a gentle reminder that both album and print order deadlines are coming up. Just to clarify, the album deadlines posted below are for albums to be received in time for Christmas/New Year's. Since Hanukkah is at the beginning of December this year, chances of receiving your album in time for gift-giving are slim unless it is ordered this week; however, print order dates for all holidays are posted below. Here are the details:

Album Orders
Wedding Albums: Photo selections/Cover selection by 11/10, Album design approved by 11/15
Parent Albums: Same as above
Portrait Albums: Photo selections/Cover selection by 11/15, Album design approved by 11/20
Accordian Gift Albums: Photo selection by 12/1

Print/Card Orders
Custom Cards: Photo selection by 11/15, Design Approval by 11/20
Print Orders: To be received by 12/1, order by 11/15; To be received by 12/25, order by 12/1

Please note that there may be some extensions available past these deadlines, but they must be approved by me (send me an email if you have any questions!) and they may require a rush order fee (depending on date and current workload).

If you have any questions at all, just drop me a line! I'm a tad backed up on my email right now, but will be responding to everyone in the next few days. And...because a blog post without a photo is just boring, here is a photo of Sophie on her first Halloween!


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  1. I LOVE it!!!!!!!! what a cutie in her costume!
    <3 Kristin