Sophie's Room

Happy Monday! I have been meaning to post some photos of Soph's room for awhile. Since we moved into our house, we have been slowly renovating and decorating - going for a modern and eclectic style. It takes us forever to pick and choose things for the house and really, the only room we have done is Sophie's room (which was done before she was born). Now that she is going to be 1 (!!), I'm finally getting around to posting some pics. For us, we really didn't want an overly girlie/babyish room, because we wanted the look of the house to be cohesive (so many of the things available for girls are baby pink only - don't girls like purple/green/blue too??) and in general, we are into more of a modern baby look. Off-topic, but when Sophie was tiny, so many people thought she was a boy because I dressed her in non-pink clothes. People say a lot of weird and random things to you in stores when you have a newborn...

Anyway, I'm definitely more of a green person, and ended up going with a green/brown/raspberry color scheme. I'll put a few links throughout in case any of you guys are looking for some cool sites to purchase nursery items.

So, c'mon in...
IMG_9247 (3)

Here is an overview of the room - the carpet was here when we moved in, and the steps in the corner lead to a loft(!). Cool, right? Sophie definitely has the best room in the house. The loft is a storage area for now, but my nieces think it should a secret hang-out area. The furniture pieces are pretty much the only large purchases for the room, one of which we received as a gift (thanks tim's mom :). We searched for.ever for a chair - most nursery chairs are 1.expensive and 2.ugly. We finally decided on this rocker from IKEA and it has worked out perfectly (and was relatively inexpensive!).

Opposite the window is the dresser. The taller standing metal & wicker piece is from our old apartment, originally purchased from Pier 1 Imports.

And some details.
IMG_9251 (3)

This art wall was our big project - we searched for months looking for neat prints and unique pieces. It will always be a work in progress, I plan to change and add to it as I find more things or want a fresh look. Many of the items are from Etsy.

Several of the items in her room are flea market/antique store finds, from stores like TJMaxx or Marshalls or are from when Tim and I were children. My mom found this storage chest, repainted it and gifted it to me at my shower. She also saved many of my toys and has been cleaning them and slowly bringing them over to give to Soph (who LOVES them).

The book collection is getting a bit out of hand - we bought this great shelf to hold all of them, but there is currently an overflow in the closet. She loves books and knows how to open and flip each page, so hysterical (especially if you are her parents and think everything she does is cute and adorable).
IMG_9246 (3)

So, that's it! Hope you liked the tour :). I'm hoping to post more of these type of posts.

Maybe you guys can give me your opinion...I'm thinking of hanging some of these paper lanterns above the crib for Soph to look at - I never found a mobile that I really liked to hang there - what do you think? Too pink? Too much? They are a good pink in person, not too bright or obnoxious. They are from Martha Stewart Crafts and are leftover from my baby shower.


Here are some of the many baby blogs and home decor websites that I look to for inspiration:
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  1. Really enjoyed this blog... I'm enjoying what the New Year is bringing to the blog! Keep up the amazing work!!! :))

  2. What a cute room Jade! You guys did a really great job!

    (P.S. this is Whitney (Garbarino) Parks