Engagement: Meredith & Eric

Good afternoon guys! This week has been one of those weird weeks where its feeling like it should be Friday, but its only Wednesday? Ugh. But, at least the plus side of that is that I have more days to blog! Yes!

This engagement session has been on my mind for about 2 weeks now. I'm so in love with the photos that I just have been editing and slowly choosing what I wanted to post. Few fun ones, few classic ones. Tim and I met up with Meredith and Eric on a snowy weekend in NYC for their shoot - we had specifically not scheduled it in advance because we were waiting for a snowy, but sunny day (in the winter that is possible b/c my schedule is not as crazy as it is in the summer/fall). I love couples willing to step out of the box and have a little fun! These guys are getting married at the Bronx Zoo next fall - they are fun and funny, and they don't even realize it yet, but we are definitely going to be friends :).

A few quick thoughts on engagement sessions. Most times, engagement sessions are my clients first time being professionally photographed. Everyone is always a little bit nervous - nervous that people might see them, or that they won't know how to act, or how to pose or whatever - that is totally and completely normal. Tim and I felt the exact same way during the first few minutes of our engagement session. My engagement sessions (and my photography in general) always focus on the relationship - emotion, personality, beauty - these are all things that I strive to capture in a creative and non-cheesy way. To me, this is what makes a great photograph. Your comfort level with me is what lets you guys be yourselves and helps me to capture those natural moments that occur between people. It is super important to have a photographer that you feel that comfort/normalness/connection with. Sometimes planning out the session in a little more detail can help with the comfort level as well. Kind of like when you are at a bar and you like to hold a drink instead of just standing there :). It is great when you guys clue me a bit to what you do on a normal weekend or where you hang out - so, if you have an idea of a prop, or somewhere that you like to hang out, even if it seems like it might not work, mention it to me!

Ok, I know Meredith is reading this and wishing that I would just get to the photos :). Enjoy guys - so excited for the wedding!














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  1. (last set of photos)
    Erick: Will you be my girlfriend?_____
    Meredith: Will you be my Boyfriend?_____