Hey everyone - sorry for the lack of posts this week! Sophie has been under the weather and keeping me away from the office more than usual. She is finally feeling better, which I'm so happy about, it was so sad to see her not up to smiling.

Anyway, I have been meaning to post some photos of our renovations. Paint was the first thing on the house list. Our walls are primarily white and definitely needed a fresh look to get the house decorating party started (yeah, i went there - its friday). It has taken us so.long to decide on the colors for the downstairs, you'd think we were going with something crazy, like bright yellow or red or blue. But,...its actually a neutral. GRAY! Love gray. Bet you never knew there were this many shades of gray to choose from:


Yeah, those are all samples that I bought. Doesn't that gray on the bottom look blue? A lot of them were really blue, not gray. So unfair that I spent $3 per sample on things called gray, that looked gray on the chip, but were actually blue.


Which leads us back to why it has taken us so long to choose. I will definitely post some photos of the before (or I would have if I had taken any. Ugh, I know - but I'm sure I have some pics with walls in the background...) and the after, but for now, you can laugh at the fact that I've been back to 3 different paint stores at least 12 times in the last week and I'm still not done. At least the paint chips keep Soph busy :) - well, that and trying to stand up in the shopping cart (which she accomplished).

Since I love pics of the sophster, I'll end with a pic of her from last week before she got sick.

Happy Friday!



  2. Jade you are so funny. I can't wait to see the house when it is done.

    Sophie is adorable she is getting soooo big!!

  3. OMG, Sophie is so sweet and smiley!
    We painted our bedroom Hot Spring Stones by Benjamin Moore- a gray with a bit of sand in it...I love it!