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Ah, the weekend :). Warm weather, no rain or snow in the forecast. Sounds perfect. Anyone doing anything fun?

Anyways, we offer a ton of different and fun products, and most of you guys get to see the majority of them when we meet up to talk weddings :), but, with all that is going on and by the time the wedding is over, it is hard to remember what you liked! Plus, for couples looking for a wedding photographer, it is great to see as many albums and products as possible so you can try to decide what you might like. So, I'm going to kick off a blog series to show off some of our awesome product offerings, starting with some of the many albums we have created in the last few months. I'm also thinking of posting a full album soon, so you can get a feel for the flow and page design too.

I love designing albums - it is really fun for me to put the photos together in a way tells the story of the day. I take your favorites and usually a few of my own as well that help fill in all the details and the results are always drool-worthy. Our albums are both modern and traditional at the same time. I design all albums with a certain modern aesthetic in mind - a cleanly-designed layout with lots of negative space to really show off the images, but albums are also 'traditional' in the sense that I stay away from anything overly trendy and use only the best printers and materials. Then you won't have to worry about your album being outdated :).





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