Party Inspiration

So, Sophie's party was a week ago and it was awesome! I'm finishing up on the photos and will be posting in the next few days (mostly decor photos), but first, I wanted to post some of the inspiration I used for the party.

Since we had a good amount of people invited, we needed the party to 'be' somewhere, as in, not in our house. Once the party is somewhere, then you need tables, chairs, decorations, etc. I was really excited for that! I've been waiting all year to plan this party :), but I had a few considerations. First, it had to be relatively inexpensive. I didn't want to buy flower centerpieces, or have to rent an insane amount of things for the party. Second, I wanted to make a lot of things (of course) and I wanted it to reflect us. I didn't want a mickey mouse theme, or princess theme or anything too artificial. Not that there is anything wrong with that or that when she is 4, she won't force me to embrace barbie or something, but for now, while I'm still in control :), we were going with a 'lack of characters' theme. So, the theme of sorts was photos. Of course. I have another post in the works that you guys will love showing a recent project that really was the basis for the party theme, but for now, you know I take a lot of photos and I really wanted to incorporate them into the party somehow. Also, the last thing - I didn't want it to be green (the color). I know it seems ridiculous, but I am a green fanatic (my house, my business, my wedding), so I really wanted to go in a different direction (at least once).

pink ruffle cake
burlap runners (unknown)
dessert table (unknown)
bamboo plates
gable boxes

Here is a close-up of the invites I created - I was going to make a really involved photo invitation, but I decided to spend the money on the party instead of the invitations (really hard decision for me, b/c I love all things paper) when I found these awesome printable invitations from target. I added the twine and mini-photo and that satisfied my urge for homemade invitations.


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