Monday Updates

Happy sunny Monday everyone!  Hope you all had a good weekend :).  I had a mostly working weekend, with a few non-work activities mixed in.

On Friday night, Tim and I went to a fun Vegas night - a charity event for Mt. Pleasant-Blythedale School.  It was a ton of fun and really cool because we donated a photography prize and were there when it got raffled off (Hi Lisa!).  We won something too - a rock-climbing lesson (!) and camping/kayak rental gear.  Pretty awesome. 

Our wedding yesterday was so great - I love my job! The weather was perfect and the couple (Kat & Devin) had an awesome, relaxed day planned out.  Love love love Kat's look - can't wait to get some photos up on the blog, you guys are going to love them! IMG_4446

Here are some of my instagram photos from this week. I have been obsessed with taking sunset and sky photos using instagram (usually while I'm in the car). I'm planning to put them all togther to make a collage. I'll post it when I do. I'm also still obsessed with photos of my kid, sorry about that, but...its probably not going to stop soon :) photo (29)

I made these cookies this week (which I pinned from Real Simple magazine) and was not overly excited. I didn't even take a photo - that should tell you something. They never set up right so they stayed mushy and are currently living in my freezer for when we are desperate. I should have known that a good 'no-bake' cookie was probably too good to be true.

And lastly, I have been meaning to post more photos of client albums and other products, but always forget! Here are some wedding dvd cases from last summer that I have been meaning to post - I love these cases! Everyone - don't forget to copy your wedding photos onto at least one other drive (or back-up source!), you never know when a dvd might fail! IMG_7043

Enough from me - have a great day guys!

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