Portrait: Kristen + 2

Happy Friday everyone!  Anything good planned for the weekend?  I have a fun wedding to shoot on Sunday, can't wait to show you guys :)

I decided that today is the perfect day to post these photos because well, who doesn't love a friday?) - Meet my friend Kristen!  Kristen and her husband have an adorable little boy that is friends with Sophie and they recently had another little baby boy (so exciting!).  I love shooting maternity photos and was happy to shoot a few maternity photos of Kristen (she looked amazing and these were taken the day before her due date!!) and of course, I was excited to take a few photos of the new little guy.  Poor Kristen watched both Sophie and her older son while I took these (trying to keep three children under 2 quiet and happy [and out of trouble] is definitely more difficult than you might think!!), but I'm so happy that I did.  She just texted me a photo of him yesterday (I took these maybe three weeks or so ago) and he looks so different already.  It makes me so happy to capture these moments.

Ok, enough from me, on to the photos - Happy weekend everyone! IMG_9901



Love love this one. IMG_9896




Oh, hello there :) Ryan0006




See him peeking at me? Ryan0011


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