Monday Updates!

Good afternoon everyone!  Hope you are all doing well today - nice to have a few rainy days right?  I don't mind it - it forces me to stay in and work on our to-do list...well, I don't mind it as long as it clears up for my engagement session on Wednesday :). 

Wedding season is in full swing over here - two engagement sessions ( you can see a sneak peek of those on our FB page!) and a wedding just last week and lots more where that came from!  I'll be introducing lots of new couples on the blog soon enough - to get things started, here is a sneak peek from the wedding we shot at the Pearl River Hilton. Meet Teri + Kevin! 

Anyone else see this sunset last week? I had an awesome engagement session on Wednesday and as I was leaving I spotted this -- now, first I tried to instagram it while driving. I don't advise this. Realizing that it probably wasn't the best idea and my real camera was in the seat next to me, I pulled over and shot this. Wow - it was so gorgeous. Felt like a summer vacation. IMG_0068

I try to do a fun day trip with Sophie each week - local stuff, like parks, or hanging out with friends, or art class, etc.  We both love it.  Last week, I met up with my friend at this amazing park she knew about in New Jersey - the entire park is filled with cherry trees (Branch brook park)! So cool. It would have been a bit cooler if the trees hadn't reached their peak a week earlier (oops, this damn weather), but we made do. Love these -- IMG_0076

So, what's going on with you guys? Anything new? I have a bunch of fun stuff for Monday updates in the next few weeks - including some cool new frames and some ideas on hanging photos in your own place - excited for that. Sorry that today's post is a bit short because I'm running out to a meeting now, but I'm not leaving you totally - I have more for the blog this week! Woo hoo. Happy Monday everyone - hope its a good one :)

ps.  we are trying really hard to get the new website up this week!!!  I'm getting so excited about it, I think you guys will love it! 


  1. so excited for your new website!!! <3


  2. Branch Brook park is right near me, Jade! I work at the hospital across the road from it.