Monday Updates

Wedding Season begins!  This week is full of shoots - and the weather is just perfect.  I've had a few things rescheuled because of bad weather, so I have two engagment sessions and a wedding this week alone.  I'm so excited to get this season going - I have a ton of great couples and really beautiful locations to share with you guys.

For our last non-wedding weekend (for awhile at least), we headed up to the beach with our friends.  We had the best weather and a really great time (you know you are good friends with people when you can vacation with them :).  Sophie is a beach addict!  Tim had to drag her away from the water even though her clothes were soaked and the water was freezing. photo (22)

The babies just keep on coming around here too!  I had a session with an adorable little boy (only four days old!) the other day - you can see one of his pics here...and another one below.  Isn't he so cute?  Loving these sessions!

I did some thrifting/antiquing/flea market type shopping with a friend this week and we found THE BEST and most on-trend antique shop ever. Seriously, whoever designed this shop has style for days -- so much inspiration! I wanted to get everything and then grill her for sources :). But, at least I left with some (21)

Ok, two more things for today - I have been meaning to tell you guys about a new wedding inspiration site and online magazine! Bijou is run by a few really great and stylish ladies :), and is a great mix of style, funny, inspiration, trends, and real weddings to check out. Great reading. They put the word out that they are looking for some great stories from either recently married or engaged couples to feature in the online magazine. I thought that our couples would fit in great with the vibe, so if you are interested, drop them a line at bijou

They are also looking for opinions on your favorite vendors in the Hudson Valley area - so, if you love any of us (hopefully!), drop them a line and mention your favorites! The survey is for couples and also vendors, so I'll be sending in my list of favorite colleagues too.

And, lastly for today - my new album guide is done! Woo hoo! I've updated my album offerings and created a new document with lots of recent photos and helpful tips for selecting your album. Drop me an email if you'd like a copy! Untitled

Enjoy the amazing weather everyone!


  1. BTW where is that antique shop?! It looks amazing!!!

  2. Thanks for the shout out! We think you're really great and stylish too :)
    Also, that baby really is ridiculously cute!