Monday Updates!

Happy post-holiday Monday everyone :). We had a great weekend filled with excessive amounts of candy and eggs. Want proof? Here you are: photo (15) (left to right, clockwise): egg-shaped rice krispie bars; making homemade egg dye (beets!!); homemade peanut butter eggs; soph checking out all the bugs with the magnifying glass found in her basket; egg results; sophie post-hunt

One of our friends snapped this photo of us... IMG_0520_small

And here is another of our funny kid later on in the day - she is a serious piece of work, she makes us laugh so hard. IMG_0569_small

Hopefully everyone had a good weekend, whatever you were celebrating! Now, bring on the treadmill please! And, if someone could stop by and relieve us of the remaining candy, that would be great.

In other news, something seriously exciting happened in my office this weekend. We are currently renovating/building a studio, but while that is happening, I have a different office that I'm using - the room is really nice, but it is on the smaller side and was in serious need of a restructuring to improve its storage potential. Somewhere in my mind I thought I would make a closet like this - what was I thinking?? That is serious DIY awesomeness. That takes a lot more time and effort than I have for such things right now -- but, enter Tim into the equation. He really makes me love him more everyday (ha, especially when closet renovation is part of it!). He made my closet dreams come true!

Check out the before and after shots - the light in there is not great, so please bear with the shadows and such. Also, I only remembered to take the before shot after I had painted the inside...oops.

IMG_0356_b&a cute is this kid?? Our friends from San Diego came to town a few weeks ago and I shot a quick pic of their little guy during a stop at Pinkberry. The ultimate in multi-tasking! Those cheeks are amazing. IMG_6535_small

And lastly, because it is definitely baby season around here, here is another little boy from last week. Isn't this sweet? I take a lot of baby pictures at close range and I love that this shows a bit more of the scene. I know I have talked about it before, but I love shooting baby sessions. There is a definite technique involved and it helps so much to be a mother already (you know so many tips and tricks!) - my baby style is a bit less posed (although I do love cute hats!) and more environment-centric. I think I just made that word up. You can see another pic of this little guy on our facebook page. IMG_0250_bw_small

Have a great week everyone - its almost Tuesday already!

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  1. I dream of a well organized craft closet like yours. Someday ribbons, stickers and (his) golf clubs will not all live together :)