Monday Updates!

This weekend gave me hope for a bunch of sunny days, but...its raining again!  I have three engagement sessions this week and it better clear up!  Rant over.  So, how was your weekend? 

Mine was wonderful!  You should know that I love all holidays and of course, that includes Mother's Day.  We have a few special Moms in our life and they do so much for us, so we always try to show them a good time.  This year Tim planned an awesome day for all of us - a cruise down the Hudson River.  With the gorgeous weather, it was perfect - the moms loved it, I loved it and Soph loved it too :). I hope all the moms out there had a great day, because seriously, where would the world be without moms (both literally and figuratively!) 



Love love love this one. IMG_7202

Last week was insane. Last minute, we got asked to be a part of an event run by the Events & Catering at the New York Zoos and Aquarium - the event was to show off their new (and wonderful!) event space at the Prospect Park Zoo as part of a larger NYC & Co staff event. We shot some photographs and had a table and it was a flurry of insanity to get it all ready (found out 2 days prior!). We met a lot of great folks and had a great time. I love the spaces that they have too - can't wait to shoot another wedding there (check out Meri & Eric's wedding @ the Bronx Zoo)!


Oops, forgot to show you my mom's day gift from Sophie! Love that kid :) photo1

Now, here is a call for help - two is the first: photo4

Not exactly looking pinterest-worthy, huh? I know some of you guys must be spray paint experts - help!!! I bought this awesome rusty metal basket thing at an antique shop a few weeks back and I bought some flourescent paint. I thought I just had to spray it (thin coats a la Young House Love - any fans???). I feel like I read enough about spray painting things and it looks so easy, but mine looks like crap. Obviously, I wasn't going to stop as it looks in the photo - it needed more paint...but here is where it started to get worse. I did another coat and it started to bead up and got ruffled-looking and then sort-of rolled off?! Do I need to sand this puppy or something before painting? Someone please help :).

And then, landscaping. Another expert is needed :). I love to plant outside, but we have 1) deer and 2) groundhogs. And So, I went to the nursery and got some non-deer-loving plants (they said the furry and smelly ones were the most deer-resistant), but I don't know what to do about the groundhogs. Any advice before I make Tim trap them and drive them to New Hampshire or New Jersey?! Another caveat is that I really prefer natural-ish remedies (meaning, I don't want to poison them, or shoot them, or anything similar). Here are my current plants, and, in case any of you guys have deer issues, I'll keep you updated! photo

Off to a meeting! I'd love to hear what you were up to this weekend!

ps. I am planning on doing a blog series showing off what people have done with their wedding/engagement/family photos (whether its wall hangings, albums, or something else creative) - send me some photos and I'd love to include them!!

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  1. Soph is the cutest! As for gophers - put down hardware cloth. It is what R and I had to do in our raised vegetable bed. Dig up your bed, lay it down, put soil down, and plant. I am not sure if squirrels bug you guys, but I have been using hair (from Gaia and I) to deter them from digging up my bulbs. It somewhat works. I have even resorted to using, um... natural human liquid products to help dissuade them (and fertilize). I am so wanting to do this with some hens and chicks: