Monday Updates!

Oh yeah, its Monday!  I'm trying to get myself psyched up for Monday today, - I had a really awesome weekend and its hard to get back in the groove.  I usually love Mondays (my get-lots-of-stuff done day) though, so maybe this post will turn things around for me.  This post is mostly going to be about my weekend, with a few other bits of random thrown in. 

First things first.  The other night, I was editing some photos and thought I should pass on this pic.  Editing photos + eating ice cream at 1am is just perfect.

And, I thought I should mention that this pin did not work (I know a few of you guys pinned it).  I tried it and it failed.  I think I should submit it to Pinterest Fail.  Anyone else try anything lately?  I've done a few things - I'll try and get a pinterest post together soon :).

Exactly 1 year ago today, I was shooting Jen + Jason's wedding!!  A year really goes so fast.  Here are a few of my favorite pics from their wedding :). IMG_0801

And a real one too! Happy Anniversary guys!

And speaking of anniversaries....It was our 5-year wedding anniversary this weekend!  I know I already wrote a mushy post here (I know you all loved Tim's afro), but we took the weekend off and I thought I would show you what we were up to...

We got married!!  Again. Crazy, right?  So funny.  The weekend was sort of crazy, I won't go in to total detail, but Tim planned for us to renew our vows.  We ended up finding a Justice of the Peace and getting remarried on one of our favorite beaches.  Each year, we like to buy each other the traditional gifts - for 5 years, it was wood.  So, Tim found some driftwood for us to get married in front of - he's pretty clever like that.  It was really amazing and special, and fun!  I even made a bouquet from some grocery store flowers in about 60 seconds (while we were on our way to the beach).  Ha!

We were our own photographers :) (fyi, not so easy! 2nd pic is my fav) IMG_3849


Afterwards, we went to dinner and made sure to have some dessert so we could use our new forks!  I have been dying to buy these forever (especially b/c we didn't buy a cake cutter/server for our wedding).  . 

And yesterday, before coming home, we decided to go on a 'honeymoon' on the ocean...:).  My arms are a little tired today - I'm not sure a 5-mile kayak qualifies as relaxing!  And, yes, I finally had the courage to bring my real cameras out on the kayak... IMG_3669

photo (19)

Back with lots of posts and shoots this week and headed to Boston for a wedding this weekend!  Have a great week everyone!  And thanks for the anniversary love!


  1. Literally...LITERALLY...brought tears to my eyes. Your love is contagious! What a perfect 5-yr anniversary!

  2. I agree with Emily! Love this post!

  3. Love these! Stumbled upon your blog from SMP...
    We kayak to Thatcher pretty often too (live in Rockport). It's awesome isn't it?