Monday Updates!

Hey everyone!  Sorry for the late "Monday" update today (at least I'm not as bad as Tim :).  We had a crazy weekend - a wedding on Friday (photo sneak peek below!), and then a last minute family weekend trip to Long Island.  Love hanging out with the family and having Sophie play with my nieces and nephew.  Its the best.  Family is so important to Tim and I and our summer/fall schedule is just so crazy that it is difficult to get together with family on short notice.  So happy we were able to make it work. 

Such an awesome wedding on Friday - we dodged the rain!!
IMG_2936_small IMG_2080

And a few photos from the rest of the weekend...I feel like summer is almost over already, need to get some more beach time in.  I will also mention here that we had no cell/internet service!  Didn't expect that - so I will be responding to all end-of-last-week and weekend emails in the next day or so.  Sorry for the delay!
IMG_3397 IMG_3356_small

Our house takes such a backseat to work, especially during the wedding season, but we have a bunch of unfinished spots and they are driving me absolutely nuts.  One is the downstairs bathroom - I started an awesome wall of photos and left it unfinished...but I made time one morning last week to hang the rest.  Now I just need to order the photos.  Hopefully it doesn't take me six months. 

And, I found this chair - do you love it?  I love it, but Tim is not so sure.  Maybe he'll change his mind...something about the pattern that he doesn't like.  Maybe I should drag him to the store again to see if he changed his mind yet, or if he has gotten sick of me saying how much i love it. photo (20)

How cool is this car??  The people that own this are definitely cooler than me - I mean, there are surfboards on top!  They should have been in Blue (2)

And, of course, a few instagrams of my best buddy from this week :).  You guys are so good about dealing with my ridiculous amount of photos of her. 

Great week ahead on the blog!  Two awesome weddings and an engagement session or two hopefully!


  1. LOVE the chair. Maybe with a solid color pillow or throw Tim wouldn't think the pattern was so crazy...

  2. I love the chair

  3. Jade love the two pics!! We had so much fun!!! Thank you so much for helping us capture the night!! xoxo