Monday Updates!

Hey everyone!  I missed you guys last week.  As I mentioned in my post the other day, we had a family emergency that is/was very serious, it was a flurry of activity around here and therefore, I was away from my office.  Thank you all for your messages and emails - we appreciate your good thoughts very much. 

I'm back this week and excited to give some updates.  Did you know today was Left-Hander's Day?  I'm left-handed and love it.  I'd like to believe that it makes me more interesting :).  Anyone that is left-handed can sympathize with the ink stains on your hand, and while apparantly, we are supposed to be more creative, we are also more likely to be schizophrenic?  Hmm.  Maybe I should be happy that Sophie is looking like a right-hander. 

Have you guys been on any exciting vacations? I get to see some of your pics on facebook, but would love to hear about any good spots! - especially driveable ones, we try to go on weekend trips during the few weekends we are not working and love new destinations (our favs have always been Cape Cod, other spots in MA and Maine).  Here is an article that has some other fun destinations ideas in it (we have been to Greenport and Saratoga Springs recently, both are a lot of fun). I have so many photos from this summer and they are just sitting on my computer - usually I print our photos during our 'off-season' (aka winter), but there are so many cute ones and Soph is growing so fast, that I thought I would post a few today - you can check them out below if you are interested. 

I have two weddings that have not hit facebook or the blog yet, so I thought I would post a tiny sneak peek here :).  We are so lucky to have the best clients - no one stressed about the potentially rainy weather this past weekend, and both weddings went off perfectly!  Lots of photos to come, but for now...

Meet Amanda and Justin. IMG_0916

And, Meghan and Brian! IMG_5429

Love this photo Tim shot of me at Meghan and Brian's wedding.  I think it should be titled - 'a photographer, a deer, and a baby'. IMG_9243

Links and ideas that I've been checking out on the web these last two weeks...
  • So, the Olympics are over (thank goodness!!), but shark week is here.  We love all things ocean (fun fact - Tim and I both have degrees in Marine Biology :) in this house - think maybe I should get Tim this Chumbuddy for a holiday gift?
  • There are a ton of Olympic favorite moment count-downs on the web today, but our favorite happened here - while Tim was watching the TKD rounds, Sophie said, 'oh look dad, they're hugging!'.  They were actually clinching at the beginning of the fight.  Ha.  I have to say though - this man is beyond inspiring and probably my favorite story from the games. 
  • Has anyone made this chocolate-chip cookie recipe?  Not sure if it can surpass my favorite recipe (find it via my old blog here), but maybe I'll give it a try.
  • Anyone in the UK want to get this for me?  I want to buy it for Sophie's room and its not very expensive, but the shipping to the US is over $40!!!
  • Awesome article re: parenting, but can apply to many other relationships too.
  • I have been feeling a little fallish lately, and starting to get antsy for all things apples-crockpots-sweaterswithnocoat - I have been pinning lots of easy and fresh crockpot ideas on pinterest - do you guys have any good ones for me?  Looking primarily for soups, stews, or other non-fat-laden type foods :). 
Oh, and by the way - I know you guys must be missing Tim's posts, but hopefully he'll be back this week!  I'll let him tell you the details, but today was his first day of school :).  Crazy right?  I have some photographic evidence that I might post next week. 

I'm going to head out to work on a wedding post (coming tonight!), but here are the summer photos that are topping my list right now. IMG_9413 IMG_9528


IMG_5032 IMG_5035


Happy Monday everyone - hope it was a good one!

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  1. Hey there missy!! Hoping that all is righted in the Uplift world soon. Thanks for sharing the pictures and the smiles:)