Engagement: Danielle + Brien | Fahnestock State Park, Hudson Valley, NY

Happy Friday everyone!  You made it!  And as a present (mostly to Danielle...), I have a great session for you to check out today. 

I will just preface this post by saying that I really love the feel of these photos - it is hard to explain, but there is a quiet, kind of serene feel to them that I love.  The location was so perfect too - the forest and calm lake at Fahnestock.  Brien was not feeling well, but he stuck with us and did great - you can't even tell!  So looking forward to their wedding at Locust Grove next month!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Cosimano0111 Cosimano0060 Cosimano0045

favorite. Cosimano0032 Cosimano0050 Cosimano0054

Cosimano0068 IMG_8082 Cosimano0074 IMG_8144
love these two. Cosimano0104 IMG_8287 Cosimano0099

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  1. love them, jade! i'm most especially loving the two you love too. =) thanks for an awesome set, can't wait for the wedding!!