Holiday Updates!

Hey everyone!  Sorry for the missed post yesterday, but I figured you all were busy enjoying your last bit of summer, so I saved it for the back-to-school/work Tuesday.  Hopefully you are not dragging too hard :).

Last week I was definitely dragging a little, we were all really sick.  Sophie first - usually, we are not the type to run to the doctor right away, but...her cough was really bad and she is starting school (!) this week, so I wanted to get her immune boosted fast.  So, we took her and she slowly got better and we slowly got worse.  I saved all of the energy that I had (and used a good antibiotic/dayquil/tylenol mix) for an engagement session that I was so excited for - Aaron and Brittany! 

We had planned to meet up in Essex (super cute town) where they will be getting married next month and I just had a blast.  Think dog, boat, awesome dress (Brittany rocked it!), and just gorgeous weather. Check out one of my favorite images (you can see a few more in FB and even more to come soon...):

For the weekend, we left ourselves the weekend work-free :), so we had some time to explore.  We were invited to a party by the lovely Mercedes up in Mystic, so we decided to make an overnight trip out of it and take Sophie to see the seaport and aquarium.  We had a blast - I hadn't been up there really since I was a kid and it was just so fun.  We rented a rowboat in the harbor and walked through town, and just had a blast.  We have taken a bunch of weekend trips this summer and I have been meaning to post some of my non-people photos from each of them, but just haven't had the chance.  This used to be all I shot, before I did weddings, etc. - I used to shoot more landscapes, and street photography and I still love to when I'm not shooting my most favorite mini-subject. 

Here are a few that I liked from the set this weekend...
IMG_1115small IMG_0945small IMG_1045small IMG_1076small

And another from the end of that engagement shoot the other night in Essex.

And, so, that party I mentioned above.  Seriously awesome.  Just to set this up for you - I love all things detailed, I love pretty napkins, and good food, and coordinating accents, striped straws, pinterest and etsy and all things crafty, DIY and homemade.  Always have, always will. Not everyone shares this and I get that, and thats ok!  I love to make parties and details and food for family and friends and having them enjoy it.  I have been known to make my own vanilla extract, jam, wrapping paper, etc. - and I'm hoping to get on canning my own tomatoes this year.  Ok, so Mercedes is definitely my equal on this hobby, but she just might be a bit crazier than myself :).  I mean, she made her own dining room table - and its amazing.  I'm beyond jealous! 

I took some instagram photos of the party just to show the world her awesomeness.  She should definitely be a wedding/event planner.  Mercedes - just quit your job and do that now!  Her and her husband threw a clambake and it was just wonderful.  We left and drove home wearing lobster-soaked clothes and dreaming of what we could do with chalkboard paint :).  See the proof.
mercedes (pretty backyard, yummy lobster, chalkboard paint labeled mason jars, mismatched chairs, awesome food!, drinks, salad appetizers, string lights, soph and the dog :)

And a pic from their photobooth :)

And, I spied some wedding photos in their house!!! Love that.

In other news, did you guys see the wedding I posted on Friday?!  I know a lot of people were out of town, but definitely go check it out (its on FB too, if thats easier).  I'm in love.

Last but definitely not least - Happy 1st Anniversary to Samara and Brian!!!  These guys got married just a few days after the Hurricane last year and it was just the coolest.  This pic reminds me a lot of the wedding because the flower farm that they orginally were going to use got wiped out with the storm, so Samara found a replacement just days before the wedding!  Turned out just gorgeous.  Hope you guys are celebrating tonight!

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