Wedding: Andrea + Dan | Meadow Wood Manor, Randolph, NJ

Do you want to know how great Andrea and Dan are?  Ok, I'll tell you.  I arrived to Andrea's parents house and the weather was looking...iffy.  You know, dark clouds, drizzling, maybe not the best day you'd ever seen weather-wise. Now, this doesn't bother us at all (we love umbrellas, dark clouds make great photos (check out the one below), and its an adventure finding cool spots to shoot in when its raining), know what?, it didn't bother Andrea either!  I walked in and she said, who cares, whatever happens, happens and we'll go with's my wedding day!  Love that attitude!  Why let any negative feelings creep in there at all :).  It is going to be the best day, afterall!

Anyways, we didn't have to worry anyway - we ended up with a little rain, a little sun, and great photos of both.  Such a great day guys - thank you for having us there to capture it!  Hope you made it back to Cali on a wedding high :).  Enjoy the sneak peek!

IMG_0618 IMG_3489

I love this photo that Tim shot!  He makes quite a few appearances in this post (well, both of them do!)...IMG_0874 IMG_3539 IMG_3735 IMG_3764 IMG_4116 IMG_3958 IMG_4424

Love these two - my view and Tim's. IMG_4435 IMG_4178 IMG_5024

Same thing - mine, and his :) IMG_5255 IMG_4792 IMG_5368 IMG_5194 IMG_4894 IMG_4927 IMG_5645-Recovered IMG_5571
LOVE THIS. IMG_5661_small
Serious multi-tasking Andrea... IMG_5730 IMG_5778 IMG_7036 IMG_5109 IMG_6029
Such a cute idea! IMG_6609 IMG_5974 IMG_6745 IMG_7080 IMG_7241 IMG_7194 IMG_7635
Let the fun begin! IMG_7445 IMG_7595 IMG_7608

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