Monday Updates!

Hello hello guys!  Happy Monday!  How are you? 

I am so looovinggg this weather.  It is perfect out.  I'm trying to get a ton of sessions in right now (engagement, family, etc.) before it changes!  We have so much happening right now - lots of album designs, album deliveries, gift packages, prints, and disks galore!  Look at the stack of packages that went out today! (as a sidenote, love my packaging supplies, can I get a high-five for washi tape and twine?) photo

I'm also starting to plan out the winter months - winter here means more blogging, album designs and...winter engagement sessions!! Am I going to have any takers this year?  Check out a few from last year here and here.  I think a winter family session would be so fun too - cute hats, coats, snowballs and a snowman!  Hmm, maybe we should do that for our photos this year (tim, are you reading this?). 

Besides work this week, we also managed to squeeze in a little family time. Tim and I did a quick shoot with Sophie (more on that in a separate post), and we went apple-picking with the fam. This girl knows how to smize for sure.
And, I found out this morning (via text from Tim), that I could announce something huge today on the blog. Here is goes. Get excited. IMG_3843 Tim will be back tomorrow with Tech Tuesday!  He has a lot of explaining to do :). Haha, love you Tim.

I had a great engagement session this week and wanted to take a minute to talk about it. I just love shooting engagement sessions, besides letting you guys get to know me and my camera a little better, we have just been getting some killer images.  I love shooting love. What is better than that? And you guys, all of you guys - just like each other so much, it makes for the best photos!

I have really been enjoying styling some sessions just a little bit.  For example, I shot Ana & Mike's session last week.  Ana and I talked a lot beforehand - she had the perfect location, a beach that meant a lot to them and a place where they frequently hang out (it also happens to have ridiculous sunsets).  She also had a few ideas for photos that she might want to use for a save-the-date, and we talked about fun props to bring and how many outfits, etc.  The day of was so much fun.  I feel like I should write that in caps, or italics, because it was so much fun, not just so much fun.  Seeing our ideas come to life in a relaxed way.  It doesn't need to be super complicated, but just  a little thought or a quick talk about how the session can be made to suit your personalities goes so far. Check out the results:
A98A9622 A98A9933 A98A0132

Check out Ana too - she brought such cute outfits!!!  Ana - I need to go shopping with you :). A98A9755_small

Today I'm shooting what is going to be an awesome family session.  It is always fun to shoot families, and even more fun when it is your friends!  Toni and Mike just had their 10-year(!!!) wedding anniversary and we thought a shoot was in order.  Results to be shown on this blog shortly and on holiday cards everywhere (well, if you know them anyway)!  Their smallest daughter is best buddies with Sophie - here they are at a street festival a few weeks ago.  So cute. A98A8336_edit

And lastly today, I would like to submit a piece of evidence.


My daughter finally looks a little like me!  Or at least we have the same expressions.  All of you people telling me that she is all O'Connell.  Take that!  :)

That is all - have a great Monday everyone!


  1. We can go shopping anytime, Jade!!! Still loving the pics:)

  2. Ahhhh, Sophie is so cute!!! I can't stand it!