Monday Updates!

Hey all!  I'm back :).  What a weekend.  Weddings, and fall clean-ups, and pretty leaves and shooting the most adorable kids on Sunday. Whew.  I wish it was fall all year round.  I'm writing this from my office and this is the view.  Just the best.
photo (2)

Anyway, I know I must sound like a broken record, but this is my super crazy season so I haven't been doing much besides working/editing/shooting/designing (imagine that on repeat).  I have some gorgeous photos to show you soon enough, but I thought I would post a few of our in-between moments from this last week.

1) Yes, I did this.  After I got back from Holly and John's wedding last Friday (around midnight), I went outside and chopped down all of my basil plants because of the threat of frost (frost = dead basil).  Now I have three huge bags of basil in my kitchen and a lot of pesto to make.  Results of that coming soon.
2) Took Sophie to the mall to ride the carousel - her favorite.
3) Took Sophie to Adams Harvest Festival - which was fun (and cheap), but not so harvesty?  Did anyone else go?  It was mostly bouncy houses with a hayride thrown in for good measure.  Weird. 
4) Sharing a cake pop at Starbucks :).

Tim and his buddies spent the day doing some real 'man' work at our house on Saturday, haha.  Check out the results.  Of course, today it is 70 degrees, but come tomorrow, you'll wish you were here checking out our fire!

And, about Holly and John's wedding.  Prepare yourself.  It was a very laid-back day at Robibero Vineyards (awesome location!) and if you can believe this, Holly made the bouquet below and her own dress.  How cool is that?  She looked perfect, the wedding was lovely and it was just a great night. (real flowers by David Anthony).  I don't know if some of you guys know Holly, but she is the owner of Oh Sew Perfect and I met her originally when she did the alterations on my wedding dress!  (she is awesome, by the way, if you are looking for help in that arena). I'm in love with this photo.
A98A1151 A98A0433

Today is also the 1st anniversary of one of my most favorite couples! Meri and Eric - congrats!!  I am still in love with your wedding photos and I hope you are too :).  I had to post a few of my favorites.  I just had to.
IMG_0550 Herd0643IMG_8968

And then yesterday, I shot our first day of mini-sessions! It was awesome.  The weather was great, the kids were great, parents were happy and Miss Sophie helped to entertain any early birds. She is quite the hostess!  Here she is at the end of the day, still smiling.  Just can't get over her :).
Lots of sessions and sneak peeks coming soon!  Have a great week everyone!

ps. just a quick update - I have solved the Pinterest issue.  Going forward, many images will be pinnable, please go ahead and do that!  I love to see which images you like!   Over the winter, I will go back and fix older posts to make them pinnable as well. Happy inspiration pics!

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