Holiday Updates!

Happy Tuesday guys!  Did you have a good holiday weekend?  We worked almost all weekend, and it definitely felt like fall. Love it. My fingers are actually a little cold as I'm typing this.  Crazy how it comes in and changes so fast.  I'm knee deep in the need to cook, bake, and decorate and I'm almost already feeling the draw of holiday shopping, crafting, and diying.  Almost.  I'm trying to stay in the moment, you know what I'm saying (I'll pretend that I don't have a few gifts for Sophie stashed in my linen closet already)?

Today I have a few sneak previews for you and a lot of links!  I've been collecting some good ones and since I have really been completely attached to my computer, not much else interesting has been going on around here besides all the beautiful photos I'm working on :).

I had a wonderful family session yesterday and I'm in love with this photo.  In love.  It is just the perfect, in-the-moment family photo, and exactly what happens with kids around. 

(also, last call for my fall mini-sessions on Sunday - I have one spot left at the end of the day if anyone is interested!  I'm so excited, the weather is looking great so far [fingers and toes crossed]! Email me for more info!)

And, we also shot two gorgeous, gorgeous weddings this weekend!  Check out this shot from Brittany & Aaron's boat ride - such a fun way to enter your reception!  The happiness coming from this photo just makes me so happy too.

I'm loving this shot of Tim's (isn't it good of me to give him credit here? haha) from Alyssa and Rich's wedding.  Gorgeous light.

And now, to the links!
  • Let's take a guess if cutting sweet potatoes into pumpkins will make my picky kid eat more?
  • Half ridiculous, but maybe useful?  Especially if you make a lot of tacos...
  • Zarahome opened up shop online today. Lucky us!
  • Clueless reunion!  Kind of awesome (except that I read that Stacey Dash is 46 now, that means she was almost 30 when they shot the movie.  A little weird since she was playing a teenager)
  • With all of our beach brides, I'm loving this idea for escort cards!
  • So, I just realized recently that my blog photos are not pinnable!  What?!  Why didn't anyone tell me?  Flickr hosts my blog photos and changed their settings apparently, so I will be fixing that asap and starting an Uplift Weddings pinboard. I would LOVE to see what your favorite photos are from the blog!  Pin away (once I get it fixed).
  • Awesome gift idea (especially with instagram photo).
  • Awesome gift idea for me (Tim, are you reading this?)
  • If you are obsessed with fall festivals like we are, check out this list.  We went to this last year and plan on going again, pretty cool.
  • Lastly, I'm obsessed with navy blue this season and just bought this nail polish, any other takers?
(sorry any guys who might be reading, I know these links are a litle girly, but I am a girl, so...not much I can do!  I try to get Tim to give some more masculine links next time :).

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