Wedding: Meghan + Brian | Perona Farms, Andover, New Jersey

This post.  Oh man.  It has taken me awhile to post these photos because...I just love them.  It was nearly impossible to work through all the gorgeousness of Meghan and Brian to pick just 30 to post!  I really love it all, from the dress hanging outside, to the neutral bridesmaid dresses, succulent bouquets, cool barn @ Perona Farms and awesome car, see what I mean?  It is the perfect wedding to post on such a beautiful day and I'm so happy to share it with you all.  Meghan and Brian - thank you so much for having us and enjoy looking through these! 

Happy weekend everyone! More wedding goodness coming on Tuesday (holiday Monday!)! IMG_4006 IMG_4286 IMG_4416 IMG_6544 IMG_4262 IMG_4218 IMG_4584 IMG_4648 IMG_4457
IMG_8466 IMG_4959 IMG_5169 IMG_5283 IMG_5987 IMG_9321 IMG_9162 IMG_5740 IMG_5529 IMG_5393 IMG_5429 IMG_6227 IMG_6341 IMG_6410 IMG_6414 IMG_6675 IMG_8958 IMG_6735 IMG_7009

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