Monday Updates!

Back again after a weekend full of work! Just plain crazy around here. I have so much to show you guys! I know a lot of people are excited to see their photos, and believe me, I'm working night and day around here to get them to you. Quality takes a bit of time (even though I love instagram, real art takes work!). This past week, I shot two weddings and two engagement sessions, did a bit of travel, and a ton of editing, some amazing sneak peeks are below.

Not to be outdone, I also made these Nutella brownies (which promised to change my life), and they sort of did. Brownies with three ingredients? Literally took 5 minutes to put together? And they are definitely a perfect midnight editing snack! Make them! (quick warning, they are not overly sweet). photo (2)

Check out this shot from my wedding on Friday - Danielle and Brien rocked out a half-rainy day. Because, really, why should you let a little rain stop you!? They are totally awesome. Love this image.

And, check out these bridesmaids! Wellies, check! Umbrellas, check! Walking through the woods at Locust Grove in the rain, check!!! Nice, ladies. You are my kind of women :). A98A0337

Saturday and Sunday were just ridiculously gorgeous days. Perfect fall weather! We shot Laren and Adam's wedding at Laren's parents house, and it was just wonderful. I couldn't choose which was my favorite, so here are both! A98A6041 A98A6857

I lucked out with my engagement sessions this week too! No rain! Finally. Love love love this photo from Amanda and Dino's session (at Greig Farm!), and this one from my session with Brooke and Jack in Essex yesterday. 
A98A8510 A98A8802

Tim and I decided to make the rest of yesterday a family fun day, so we toured around Essex and the river area with Sophie (so much to do over there!). Tim took her on the Essex Steam Train and we stopped to take some fall photos too. It was nice to step away from the computer for more than 10 minutes and hang with my little family during this time of year (although this article doesn't really agree with that mindset!). I absolutely am in love with these photos of her... A98A9291 A98A9157

Sophie also met our Mayor last week. Too funny. I had to go to the Voter Office in Town so I could sign up to vote (good thing I checked to see if I was registered! I thought you were automatically signed up with your license!). Anyway, who was there to help us get our forms...but the Mayor. Pretty neat. So, of course, I had to take a photo of him with Sophie. And, of course, she (remember, a photographer's child) refused to smile and instead stuck out her tongue. Good one for the baby book! photo (1)

Quick question for everyone before I head out - would you guys be interested in a photo of the month challenge type thing? I don't know if challenge is the right word, but maybe just emailing me different photos you have taken related to a 'theme' each month? I'd love to see what everyone is capturing via iphone, dslr, point and shoot. Anyone willing to participate? Leave me a comment and I'll get it started!

And, a few quick links for you that I thought you guys might like!
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  • And, Happy 1st Anniversary today to Kristin + Jeff!  Woo hoo, 1 year down!

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  1. I'll play the photo of the month game! Always love a chance to see people's creativity and share some of my own snaps!!