Monday Updates: The Aftermath

Hey everyone! I'm back, are you guys here?  I'm sorry for the lack of posting last week, I know that I didn't even get an update post for you, but I didn't think it would take this long!  I'm definitely not complaining, because we are so incredibly lucky compared so so many others, but I apologize for the lack of updates here (you can always check my FB page though, which is worlds easier for me to update via mobile).  We just got power back late last night and probably just in time, we were starting to lose our minds a little!  We are very lucky to have warm places to stay (between Tim's mom, and my mom, and hotels, and friends), but with Sophie and all of our work, it is a bit much to lug around all of our stuff and work remotely for more than a few days (computers, cameras, batteries, flashes, oh yeah, and clothes, etc.).  We all did a happy dance in the driveway when we saw the outside light click on, just as we were driving away to spend another night somewhere else.  All will get back on track this week and if you need me, it will be much easier to reach me!  Thank you to all that sent me texts and emails to make sure we were ok, or to offer a place to stay - you guys are THE BEST.  I promise to thank you all with our annual holiday party announcement very soon! 

And just a quick note here - I know the news is filled with 1000's of heart-breaking stories of loss, and this blog is really not a place for more of that, but I read a great article today that has some excellent locations to donate with a bit less red tape than the huge, national organizations.  You can check it out here, if interested - I am also planning on donating baby items to Waddle n Swaddle in Poughkeepsie.  I believe they are sending a truck down on Friday - see more info here.  I hope all of you guys weathered the storm ok, and are staying safe and warm. 

So, I'm not going to post a ton today, but for the three weddings that we have shot since this superstorm came through, I wanted to post a tiny sneak peek!  You all are so patient!  We shot amazing weddings, with wonderful couples and families - people traveled from everywhere to make these events, changing flights, coming early, getting a rental car, whatever, to make it happen - these are my kind of people.  So awesome. 

First up, Nadia and Tom at Falkirk Estates!  I have a ridiculous amount of photos that I love from their wedding, but this one just stuck out to me today.

And, Jenna and Kevin at Patriot Hills Golf Club - love love love this one Tim shot.

And, from Saturday - Meghan and Stefan at the Westchester Hilton - I mean, come on.  I told you these were amazing!!

Ok, I have so much more to share, but I need to go edit weddings, email everyone, and tend to my little one too!  Promise to be back with so much more, soon.  Stay well everyone! And, keep your fingers crossed for the snowstorm to stay away!

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  1. Beautiful photos! Can't wait to see some more shots from Jenna and Kevin's wedding.