Monday Updates!

Hey!  How is everyone doing today?  Getting back to normal?  Sort of seems like the new normal around here, little scary.  Anyway, I hope that everyone is doing great and that your family and friends are on the mend.  Tim and I have been looking for ways to help out, besides donating - I found this great network of volunteers on facebook (you can check out the links here, and I'm sure there are others too).

Otherwise, we are getting so excited around here for the holidays, the Uplift Party (more details coming soon, but the date is set for 12/8!), and finishing up wedding season with a bang (awesome NYC wedding)!  Next weekend is our last wedding for awhile - it has been a super busy season, and even I have to admit that I'm excited for a little downtime.  We always use winter to tune up and revamp the website, get to posts that we couldn't during the year because of all the editing work, making new albums, etc.  I have so much to tell you about for 2013 too.  Whew, coming soon :).

Lots of things to post today - first, it is Veteran's Day.  We have had the opportunity to photograph many military weddings and families and I am so happy to be able to provide memories to those that give so much to so many.  We had some great ones this past year - I made a little collage of a few of my favorites from recent years, but there are a lot more that I am not posting today.  Just our way of saying thanks to those that actively serve, and to those who have served in the past, including many members of our own family (the middle left photo is Tim's cousin, Joe).  Definitely not an easy job, and we very much appreciate all that these people and their families have to deal with on a daily basis.  Looking forward to a few more military weddings next year!

We shot a wedding for two great people this past Saturday - Amanda and Jon!  The wedding was at the Glen Island Harbour Club and everyone had a blast.  The park is still closed from the hurricane and the club is on generator, but everyone made it happen and as a guest, you didn't know the difference!  Amanda and Jon are really funny people and it was such a fun night.  Check out one of my favorite photos of them - it just feels so fall/wintery, I love it.  And I had to post the 2nd one too, a fast favorite.


I also shot two engagement sessions last week that I never had a chance to preview!  Love both these sessions.


A quick shout-out to Melissa and Jon today too!  Today is their one-year anniversary - so many great moments from that day.

And, a few photos from our home life this week...
(from left to right): sophie in my childhood room looking for treasures, funny behind the scenes pic of Tim - he is going to get wrecked when I post this year's album of behind the scenes :), sophie at a baking class this weekend, kale chip - my new obsession, some deer hanging out in our yard, sophie raiding my closet (already!?!), we voted!, observing the 1st snowfall of the year, sunset

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